Monday, 20 February 2012

The Many Tattoos of Mena Suvari

Since her debut 1997 film Nowhere, Mena Suvari has gone on to become somewhat of a popular actress, starring in American Beauty, American Pie, Day of the Dead and The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.  When she isn’t busy appearing in films and television shows like HBO’s Six Feet Under, she is busy involved with charities whose cause is breast cancer, taking part in the “End Violence Against Women” campaign, being an activist for the African Medical and Research Foundation that is an African relief organisation, modelling for LancĂ´me cosmetics and appearing in fashion magazines such as Vogue.  She has even branched into fashion design, designing a limited-edition three scarf collection.  She will even travel to high schools and encourage kids to quit smoking.  With as busy as she is, you would think it would be hard for her to find time to get questionable tattoos done, but somehow she manages.

The Tattoos

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