Monday, 20 February 2012

Natasha Giggs Gets Incredibly Large Star Tattoo Inked

Did you think she’d disappeared?  After news of her affair with brother in law Ryan Giggs hit the headlines last year and after appearing on Celebrity Big Brother things have been quite quiet on the Natasha Giggs front in recent weeks.  She had apparently got back with her husband Rhodri Giggs and the pair of them were getting things back on track… or so it appeared.  So we wonder what he thinks of her new piece of artwork that let’s face it, is not hard to miss.

The Tattoo
Unlike most Z list celebrities, Natasha’s tattoo is hard to ignore.  Whilst most Z listers may have a small inking, Natasha clearly knew she was going to grab the headlines when she headed to the Flecky’s Tattoo Studio in Manchester and emerged with a tattoo that stretches the whole length of her back.  Made up of nine stars and a selection of “swirly things” that connect everything together this is one tattoo that would be a killer to remove should she decide she no longer likes it in a few months’ time.  Instead of opting for feminine colours to be added to the stars, Natasha opted to have them darkened – we’re not sure this was the best decision.
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